Willis Building and Friends

Black and white photo showing the Willis Building, the Scalpel and 25 Fenchurch Avenue

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Photo details

Location: Willis Building, the Scalpel and 25 Fenchurch Avenue, London

Camera: Nikon D810

Lens: Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8

The story behind Willis Building and Friends

One of the slightly surprising things about London is that although there are plenty of tall buildings, they tend to be pretty well spaced out and there are relatively few spots where you can get several in one ‘look up’ shot. There are two or three great locations for doing this in the City, however.

About 20 metres from this spot is the location for one of the most popular ‘look up’ shots in London, which gets in the Lloyds building, the Cheesegrater, the front of the Willis building, the Scalpel, the Gherkin and one or two others if your lens is wide enough. Round the back of the Willis building, however, is this composition. I prefer this cleaner, less cluttered shot with lots of strong leading lines.

Another 100 metres or so away is the other great location for shooting straight up. Behind the Cheesegrater you can get in 22 Bishopsgate and St Helens, plus a couple of others.