The Shard and London Bridge

Black and white photo of the Shard and London Bridge

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Photo details

Location: Hanseatic Walk, between London Bridge and Southwark Bridge

Camera: Nikon D810

Lens: Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 and Lee Super Stopper

The story behind the Shard and London Bridge

There’s not a great deal original about this composition but the conditions were so good for a long exposure of this sort, I couldn’t turn it down. I would love to do more long exposures in central London but it’s tricky to do when the streets are busy. Along the river is definitely the easiest place to take this sort of shot, although you’d be surprised by just how many parts of the riverside are private property. There’s nothing like a tripod for attracting a security guard.

The building directly in front of the Shard in this shot is No 1 London Bridge.