National Theatre

Black and white photo of the National Theatre, London

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Photo details

Location: National Theatre, South Bank, London

Camera: Nikon Z7

Lens: Z 24-70 f/4

The story behind National Theatre

If you like brutalist architecture, the only place in London better than the Barbican is the South Bank. In strong sunlight you get real depth to the shadows and nice sharp lines, creating contrast that’s missing on an overcast day.

This shot was taken from Waterloo Bridge but there’s easy access to the terraces around the theatre, so it’s worth wandering around to find different compositions.

The other parts of the South Bank centre are also well worth a visit with your camera. The Hayward Gallery has some excellent angles. The stairs up to Waterloo Bridge are also good for street photography, although the ones on the National Theatre side have become a bit of a cliché.

Other good photo spots nearby include the Shell Centre and the passageways around the Imax, if you like something grittier.