Bushy Park, Frosty Tree

Black and white photo of a frost-covered tree in Bushy Park, Teddington, Greater London

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Photo details

Location: Bushy Park, Teddington

Camera: Sony RX100 VI

The story behind Bushy Park, Frosty Tree

This was one of those perfect mornings where you’re just glad to be outside. This part of the park often has mists in winter and the combination with the hard frost created this dreamy, soft and yet contrasty mood. The low mist also disguised the line of trees in the background, simplifying the composition so the foreground tree really stands out.

Bushy is one of the Royal Parks. It’s a great place to visit if you want to photograph deer or birds. It’s common to see great spotted and green woodpeckers, stonechats, skylarks, kestrels, herons and a host of other birds. With a bit of luck and good timing, there are also kingfishers and the occasional little egret.

Take a look at this minimalist long exposure taken at the Heron Pond in Bushy Park.