Bank of England Archway

An elegant archway at one corner of the Bank of England in London.

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Photo details

Location: Bank of England, Princes Street, London

Camera: Nikon Z7

Lens: Z 24-70 f/4

The story behind Bank of England Archway

One of the side effects of visiting the same areas repeatedly is you become oblivious to what’s around you. This archway is at a corner of the Bank of England and leads from Princes Street through to Lothbury. I’ve walked past or through this archway countless times over more than 20 years and never considered its photographic potential.

However, one of the things I’m trying to do when I’m somewhere familiar is change my routine. That means crossing roads in a different place or taking the turning before or after my usual one. On this occasion, I stayed on the west side of Princes Street after leaving Bank station, when I normally cross the road part way up.

The result was a different view of the building. I immediately saw the potential for a subtle, high-key black and white shot, with strong lines leading through the arch and a pleasing mix of curves and rectangles.

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