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Location: Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The tunnel runs beneath the Thames from Millwall to Greenwich. Apparently it's been sanitised in recent years and has lost some of its atmosphere. It's still pretty cool and even though there's a steady stream of people through it during the day, you don't have to wait too long to get a clear shot.

When you're shooting a tunnel, the temptation is to shoot straight down the middle. That's often effective but you have to be very careful to line everything up properly, which can be tricky when you're shooting hand held. There are few more disappointing things than having to write off all your images because none of them are symmetrical.

It's easier, and I think visually more compelling, to have the tunnel converge roughly on the intersection of the top and right thirds. It's an angle we're less used to seeing but it does need something interesting on the floor, or you can end up with a lot of empty space. 

I have some other shots from Greenwich, specifically the Tulip Stairs and the courtyard at the Queen's House, and the Old Royal Naval College.

Gear: Nikon D810 and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8

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