The Walkie Talkie

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Location: 20 Fenchurch Street, London

The Walkie Talkie is a curious building. Seen from the side (say from down the river at Blackfriars) it seems imbalanced, with its bulbous head rearing up from a too-thin body. Head on, though, it's a different matter.

From Fenchurch Street, the building is both powerful and elegant. That sideways-on imbalance gives it a looming presence as you stand beneath it. And the compressed roof line adds the impression of a face, devilish, regarding you coldly.

This was an unintended shot. I had been elsewhere in the City (Leadenhall Street and around the Lloyds building) and was heading south towards the Thames. I left Leadenhall Market and reached Fenchurch Street, to discover the conditions were perfect. The sun was out of frame away to the right, leaving the front of the building in a lovely even light. The clouds were outstanding - whispy and detailed, my absolute favourite type. I couldn't be happier with how this one turned out.         

Gear: Nikon D810 and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8

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