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What’s my photography all about?

I make black and white fine art images, mainly of modern London buildings.

Modern architecture is the perfect subject for me. I love simplicity, symmetry, contrast, patterns and geometric shapes. Stripping away the colour leaves only the elements I care about.

The ideal is always to find a different angle, a detail or a way of seeing the familiar that no one else has spotted. In a city as well-photographed as London, that’s pretty much impossible. But there is always a new building going up or an old one coming down, exposing a previously hidden view until something else comes along to replace it.

Black and white also helps to create that difference. It can add drama, mystery or dreaminess. I usually know how the final image will look as I'm taking the shot but occasionally a true surprise emerges on the computer. Those are always great moments.

I’m also not averse to shooting the iconic scenes, where nothing new is possible. Sometimes there is just the pleasure of making the image.

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